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     Once again, welcome to my site! You'll notice that my images capture a variety of subjects. This is due to the complex nature of the world in which we live. I tend to best appreciate the world around me through the lens of my camera. That way, I can sit back leisurely, and reflect in my own space and time....and really see details that I otherwise might have missed during the time of the shoot. Photography relaxes me and serves as my positive coping mechanism during stressful times. I hope my insight helps to soothe, heal, and awaken you. Embrace each day as if it were your last!!! Happy browsing!

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 1908766: The Way We Were 9/11-Like you've never seen it        slide show (114)
This is a photographic story of how the vile acts of few could test the character of many. Please come with me on my stroll down "memory lane". Despite the obscene amount of pain and suffering, a new breed of heroism was born. Working together, we instictively comforted, supported, and strengthened one another in the most trying of times. The healing process began from day 1. For me, it began through the lens of my camera. I hope these images will heal, inspire, inform, and empower. Enjoy.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 2822677: Moment of Reflection 9/11-The Anniversary        slide show (34)
Two years after the enormous tragedy that rocked our nation, people from all over the country came to New York to reflect, show support, and remember our lost loved ones. Here are a few photos from the evening before, and the day of, September 11, 2003.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 1458400: Salute and Farewell 9/11-The Final Chapter        slide show (22)
On May 30, 2002, the ceremony representing the end of the rescue and recovery effort commenced. Victims' family members joined the procession, along with all uniformed personnel and the final steel plank. This was an extremely somber day for all who attended. Many would never have the closure they so desperately needed.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 1892260: Anatomy of a Bow Abstract & Elements of design        slide show (123)
Graphic elements, fine art, and pure design. Just for fun!

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 5937869: David Broza in Concert        slide show (47)
At an evening entitled Israel Rocks, the Joan and Alan Bernikow JCC hosted this sold-out concert. This featured guitarist/singer was raised in Israel, Spain, and England, and has delighted audiences world-wide. He has performed with Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Al Dimeola, Spyro Gyra, Van Morrison, Sting, Jose Fernandez, and
others. Here are some photos of Mr. Broza's outstanding performance on April 5th, 2008 in Staten Island, NY.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 1490107: Americana My Way Americana        slide show (40)
All things America. From flags to scenery that would make you feel you were in the heartland. These photos bring out the patriot in all of us.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 1458468: We Are Family Nature & Wildlife        slide show (208)
These images cover an enormous range of wild life, whether on land, in sea, or in air.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 1714746: The Scenic Route        slide show (200)
Meant to soothe and relax. Enjoy the many images in my "scenic" journey.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 3169164: Hippo Animal Portraits        slide show (77)
Up close and personal...as if you have an actual rapport with these fabulous beings. They are all special and beautiful in their very own ways.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 3130245: Old Wood Black & White        slide show (48)

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 1386349: Sunflower-Up Close and Personal Flowers        slide show (240)
Flowes, flowers, flowers! Many colors and varieties. These make fabulous wall hangings.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 2782251: Purple & Red Beauty Flowers: Multi-colours        slide show (55)

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© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 2307141: Flower Candy Flowers: Orange Brights, Autumn colors        slide show (53)

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 2750792: Pink Orchid Flowers: Pinks, Reds, Peach        slide show (89)

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 3308069: Reflecting Water Lilly Flowers: Purples, Blues, Violet        slide show (63)

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 2767420: Twin Whispers Flowers: White        slide show (40)

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 2932099: Pensive Yellow Flowers: Yellow        slide show (31)

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 3263616: Common Pidgeon Just Birds        slide show (112)
Large birds, small birds, common birds, etc... This category is for the bird lover in all of us.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 3520755: Kaleidosccope on Black Kaleidoscopes        slide show (19)
Always a fascination for me, the kaleidoscope continues to mesmerize me with its vast array of wildly vivid images. Like a snowflake, no two are alike. All of these images were photographed directly through the peep hole of the kaleidoscope.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 1839292: Modern Architecture Amazing Architecture        slide show (51)
From Civil War era to Twenty First century. Rustic and abstract. This is a fresh look at the buildings we might otherwise take for granted.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 2766671: Moody Blue Macro (close-up)        slide show (128)
This category is for the detail-oriented. See the world around you as you never have before!

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 2724996: The Boy and the Candle People        slide show (69)

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 2724712: On Their Way In Photojournalism        slide show (68)
All things newsworthy.

© Tamra  Walker PhotoID# 7926356: The Singer Eyal Golan Concert        slide show (24)
Israeli singer performing in Staten Island, NY.

     © Tamra Walker  

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